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For several years it has been easy to find vineyards or wineries for sale in Italy for quite low prices. This was caused by two factors which succeeded each other. First, when the wine sales were doing very well, several people decided to invest in this sector of agriculture with bank financing. In that period banks gave credits quite easily and without too many precautions.  Then, in 1986 the scandal of wine with methanol caused great reduction of exports and lower local consumption of wine.

With less sales, the owners of vineyards and wineries found it difficult to pay back the banks. In order to save at least some of the investments made, they decided to sell their businesses. The offer was much bigger than the demand, which lowered the prices. And yes, we had several extremely good opportunities on the market. The first were bought by Russian clients, later by large international groups, interested only in large estates.  Several smaller businesses remained on the market and still are available, but not for long.

First of all, the sales of Italian wines are continuously growing and the exports expand to new markets. The value of Italian wines sold abroad amounts to 760 million Euro. Wine making is again a solid business in Italy.

Another important issue is the fact that as from the 1st of January 2016, Italy adopted the European regulations regarding the permits to implant wineries. Before it was possible to buy such permits from old farmers who were giving up their wineries and could sell the authorizations to replant to third parties. Now it is no longer possible. With the new EU law, it is only the government who can give a limited number of permits (equivalent to approx.1% of total vined areas in the country).

Until April this year, 2,528 applications were submitted for the permission to plant 66,197 hectares of vineyards. 1038% more than the plafond available for 2016.

Bigger sales and limited possibility to plant new vineyards obviously will result in higher prices of vineyards. 

Already in the end of 2015 some of the Tuscan vineyards reached very high prices – up to 400,000 Euro for one hectare of Brunello. The prices depend on the location and state of the plantation. Montalcino is the highest with prices ranging from 350,000 to 400,000 Euro, followed by Bolgheri with prices between 250,000 and 300,000 Euro. In Montepulciano they are between 130,000 and 150,000 Euro. Chianti Classico sells for prices from 150,000 Euro to 80,000 Euro per hectare.

If today, you can buy a property in one of these areas with a registered vineyard for a good price - go for it. In a very short time, the value will increase substantially. Have a look at some of our wine estates for sale.

JKM-915 Estate with almost 25 hectares of Chianti DOCG vineyards near Montevarchi http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t9-villas-and-prestigious-properties/JKM-915

JKM-926 Old farmhouse in need of restoration with 0.5 hectare of vineyard in Montepulciano area http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t10-farmhouses-and-farmsteads/JKM-926

JKM-613 Large estate with vineyards near Arezzo http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t9-villas-and-prestigious-properties/JKM-613

JKM-818 Wine producing industry with vineyards near Montepulciano http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t12-farms-and-vineyards/JKM-818

JKM-887 Property in need of restoration with over 7 ha of vineyards in Valdambra area http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t12-farms-and-vineyards/JKM-818

JKM-888 Large property with 100 hectares of land and 20 hectares of vineyards in Valdambra area http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t12-farms-and-vineyards/JKM-888

JKM-891 Luxury holiday resort with olive groves and 20 hectares of Chianti vineyard in Valdambra area http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t12-farms-and-vineyards/JKM-891