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An apartment, perhaps with a terrace, portico or private garden, can be the right choice to enjoy Tuscany. Several couples from US have opted for this solution and enjoy every minute of their permanence here. There are many reasons for this. If you are still active professionally at home, you can spend only few weeks in Tuscany and the plane fares, although much lower than in the past, still represent a considerable expense and the journey is long. There is also a financial aspect of such choice – the price. You can find a nice, small apartment for only 100,000 Euros and there are very little expenses of maintenance.

Living far away, makes it difficult to manage a larger property, while having an apartment gives you practically no worries. You arrive, open the door and enjoy your holidays. Once your vacation is over, you only need to close the doors and windows. The utility bills can be paid by the bank and very random there are other expenses.

Life is still safe in small towns and you do not have to worry about security. Your neighbours will be the best alarm system.

Once you have decorated your apartment you have all the time to enjoy the Tuscan life, which as a lot to offer. You may travel around - by train, bus or a car exploring the most interesting, worldwide know sites or discovering smaller and less know places where you can find important pieces of art or monuments.

Everywhere you will find great wine and good restaurants. The further you go away from the main touristic areas, the easier it will be find a really homemade Tuscan dishes served with local wine at affordable prices. But you will also enjoy living in your small town, where people you have seen only once or twice will great you. What a change would it be to buy food in local, small groceries or bread made minutes before in the wood oven, instead of going to huge supermarkets. Every small has a market day once a week, where local farmers sell their products harvested only few hours ago. What a change from the veggies and fruit closed for day in plastic bags.

Having a cappuccino and cornetto in the morning at the local bar for only 2 Euro - how does it sound? Or enjoying your drink sitting on the terrace and enjoying the sunset behind centuries old buildings? Well, this is what living in a small Tuscan town offers you. But most of all it is the friendly and welcoming attitude of the local people, who just love to welcome you in their community. For this reason, perhaps you will encounter other foreigner who found their second home here. Some of them even decided to move permanently to Tuscany. There must be a reason for this. Here you will find examples of town houses in Tuscany:


JKM-135 two-bedroom apartment in historic building for 98,000 Euro http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t11-apartments/JKM-135


JKM-752 four-bedroom apartment in Castiglion Fiorentino - 380,000 Euro http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t11-apartments/JKM-752


JKM-877 two-bedroom apartment in Tuscan countryside - 150,000 Euro http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t11-apartments/JKM-752


JKM-902 two-bedroom apartment with terrace - 100,000 Euro http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t11-apartments/JKM-902


JKM-905 luxury apartment with panoramic terrace - 480,000 Euro http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t11-apartments/JKM-905


JKM-929 three plus bedroom apartment with frescoes in period house – 195,000 Euro http://www.houses-in-tuscany.com/t11-apartments/JKM-929