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At least once in a lifetime, we all dreamed about how would it be to live in a magnificent ancient house, surrounded by artworks, comfort and beautiful scenery, far from our everyday problems and humdrum. The perfect place in order to make this dream come true could be only Tuscany, a delightful territory in central Italy, gifted with this kind of magic atmosphere.

This land can vaunt an incredibly glorious past: for years, it was one of the most important cornerstones, all around the world, for art and technology, as well as a prosper political eminence, not to mention all the charming and powerful personalities who lived there (painters, writers, inventors are just a few of them); it had a huge influence on other Countries and contributed to define Europe's destiny, both in a political and artistic sense.

Nowadays, a lot of mansions and historical houses in Tuscany are uninhabited and made available for anyone who wants to rush into something new, experiencing a completely different lifestyle. They are just waiting for someone who wants to listen to their stories.

Moving into ancient dwellings means making a dive into past and delving into a world of refinement, discovering lost traditions and sensations. Don't miss the opportunity to be a part of Tuscany's great history: in our catalogue you can find adorable dwellings where to revive the charm of this land's unique history and pamper yourself.

Imagine majestic and luxurious buildings, precious furniture and luxuriant gardens; imagine to open the window and admire Tuscany's clear skies and gentle slopes, perceiving the scent of the sea in the distance. Close your eyes and just let yourself be wrapped up by flavours, smells and sounds far away.

And it is now the time to buy. After years of decrease in prices a slight increase has been recently registered.