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First of all, you have to decide if this is going to be your holiday home only, or a permanent residence. In case of holiday home, you have much less restrictions. The position can be quite isolated and not close to services. Also the interiors can feature small windows, low ceilings and small reception areas. Since you will be mostly using the place during the summer and spending most of the time outside – a large portico with perhaps a barbecue and pizza oven close to the kitchen is enough to entertain guests and enjoy the meals. Small openings will limit the entrance of heat and provide cool and pleasant temperature inside during the night. See some of perfect holiday homes following this link:


If you are considering to move permanently to Tuscany, then you should rather choose a less remote property, closer to services, with access through a strada comunale  (road maintained by the municipality) which will be taken care of in case of bad weather.


You will also need to have a large reception area, not only for entertaining guests but to give you enough space to live in during winter months. A large and comfortable kitchen is a must. As for outdoor spaces, there must be enough room for a vegetable garden, flowers, shrubs and trees, which produce flowers, colour and fruit all year round.

The house should be properly insulated against cold weather and humidity. Proper heating system and double glazed windows make it much cheaper to heat the interiors.

You should have enough indoor space for winter clothing and outside storage space for wood and garden equipment. Follow this link form some examples:


Thinking about the future, consider having one bedroom with bathroom on the ground floor and easy access (we do get old at a certain point).


In both cases it is necessary to have access to broad band internet. Most of the places are already covered by the national network, but not all. Make sure you will be able to connect yourself to this network or have another provider via radio or satellite.


Some foreigners are surprised that not all houses are connected to direct water main and sewage network. Well, most of the places in the countryside have their own water wells and septic tanks. The artisan wells, which are usually very deep provide plenty of water which in many cases is drinkable. If not, you may always install filtering and cleaning systems. Most of the properties are not connected to the sewage network. The older houses are provided with three chamber septic tanks, which drain directly to the fields. These tanks need to be emptied once a year. The more modern houses have Imhoff tanks, which need very little maintenance.


The same applies to gas network. Methane is supplied to very few places in the countryside. The alternative is either to have a LPG tank installed underground or a diesel tank. Both work well but are quite expensive. To reduce heating costs you can use wood burning ovens or pellet heating systems.


The important thing to look into is to make sure that the cadastral plans of the property are updated and reflect perfectly the present state. In case you purchase a property which plans were not up-dated and you will want to sell it in the future, it will be your responsibility to apply for new plans and in many cases pay fines for works done in the past and never registered. With the new legislation, the notaries check very carefully the technical documents and unless all faults are corrected, they will not proceed with the final notary act. For more information about this subject visit our website www.houses-in-tuscany.com or contact us at info@toskania.org